78% of listeners are likely to buy products recommended in audio content

Whether on public transport, in the car, at work or during sporting activities, audio has invaded our daily lives.

Its easy-to-use and intuitive format offers as many possibilities as uses. Although its use is growing rapidly, it is still rather limited in B2B.

Among the most popular audio formats, it’s hard not to mention the podcast. Podcasts are by no means new, having been around since the early 2000s. However, it has only really gained in popularity in recent years, particularly with the health crisis, which has prompted companies to adopt new marketing strategies to continue attracting customers. Today, over 5 million French people listen to podcasts on a weekly basis.

Whether they are designed as sound bites lasting a few minutes or programmes lasting an hour or more, audio formats are increasingly appealing to professionals. And rightly so, given the multiple objectives and benefits. Among other things, audio allows you to work on your image, your reputation and also your performance. These formats are also an excellent way of conveying emotions by voice, building a more personal relationship with customers and prospects, or reaching an audience at a time when they are not inclined to consult textual or visual content.

In this white paper, we invite you to discover all the ways in which audio can help your marketing strategy. Find out more about how to go about it, all the opportunities for your sector, publishing platforms, KPIS to follow and best practices to remember.

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