Targeting craftsmen and small businesses (TPE).

A true driving force of the French economy, craftsmanship brings together 1.83 million businesses and employs 3 million workers across the country (23% of whom are women). Nearly four out of ten craftsmen work in construction, 15% in industry, 13% in services, and 12% in trade. Together, they produce about 20% of the GDP


Who are the artisans?

Behind the 1.83 million businesses there are in fact more than 250 trade communities: the day-to-day lives of a restaurant owner, a seamstress and an electrician are very different indeed.

What do they have in common? They are confronted every day with the ups and downs of the economy, competitive pressures and often a shortage of talent, and at the same time, they have to lead a long-term human, digital and environmental transformation. And to do all that, they have no shortage of passion, just enough time!

active & nominative contacts
active & nominative contacts
UV/month Moniteur des Artisans
UV/month Moniteur des Artisans
Moniteur des Artisans readers
Moniteur des Artisans readers

We have in-depth knowledge of these communities: their daily lives, the subjects that interest them, their preferred information channels. To help them understand and decide, Infopro Digital Media deciphers trade news and provides strategic data for their business.


To best prepare to speak on our media, in particular Le Moniteur des Artisans (120k readers per month), take into account the specific characteristics of this audience:

  • Rapid decision-making processes due to the small size of the company and the simplified organisational structure;
  • Proximity and strong local roots ;
  • Technical expertise and know-how, with a taste for work well done and quality ;
  • Need for ongoing training: craftspeople need to keep up to date with new techniques, regulations and standards in their sector to remain competitive ;
  • Craftspeople generally have close, long-term relationships with their customers, based on trust and quality of service ;
  • Managing time and priorities: craftspeople often juggle several projects and responsibilities, which can lead them to look for solutions and tools to save time and optimise their work ;
  • Dependence on suppliers for materials, tools and equipment. They generally prefer reliable partners, offering quality products and good after-sales service ;
  • Craftspeople are gradually adopting new technologies to improve their efficiency and productivity, but may sometimes lack the knowledge or resources to integrate them quickly.


Infopro Digital Media talks to artisans

We have a detailed knowledge of the craftsmen’s audience: their daily lives, the subjects that interest them, their preferred information channels, their concerns, their aspirations… To inform them, equip them and support them in their decision-making, Infopro Digital offers craftsmen rich, dense and actionable editorial content throughout the year. Interviews, sector analyses, news briefs, event coverage… Craftspeople will find reliable, relevant and high-quality information on our media.

Does your company bring value to the day-to-day lives of craftspeople?

Speak out on our media brands and engage an ultra-targeted, intentional audience through customised campaigns tailored to your objectives.

for TPE - artisans

Seven brands in the Construction sector, are essential for experiencing the industry on a daily basis

Le Moniteur Batiment Travaux Publics
Le Moniteur des travaux publics et du bâtiment
AMC Construction Marketing Filiere Btp Batiment Architecture Plan Architecte
Moniteur Artisans
Le Moniteur des Artisans
Moniteur Matériel Chantier
Le Moniteur Matériels
Négoce Media Distribution Bâtiment
Stores Fermetures Construction Portes Fenetres BtoB B2B Professionnels Achats Batiment Construction BTP
Stores et Fermetures
Cahier Techniques Ctb Construction Marketing Filiere Btp Batiment Architecture Plan Outils Achat B2b BtoB Toiture
Les Cahiers techniques du Bâtiment
Neo Restauration B2B BtoB Hotellerie CHR Comptoir Sales Marketing Restaurateur Restaurant Service Enseigne Franchise Commerce Chaine
Néo Restauration
lsa commerce consommation

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