12 million unique visitors every month, 56% exclusive audience, 100% B2B inventory, 35 leading media brands covering 6 major sectors of the French economy... This is the unprecedented arsenal we mobilise for your Display campaigns. The aim: to develop your brand image, highlight your expertise and stay top of mind with ultra-targeted intentional shoppers throughout their buying journey.


Your Display objectives

Our Display solutions help you to meet your objectives in terms of raising awareness, generating qualified leads and promoting your offers.

network to reach your B2B targets
network to reach your B2B targets
with decision-makers
Aff. N°1
with decision-makers
Monthly Unique Visitors
Monthly Unique Visitors

B2B display: our added value

Backed by 35 powerful, influential B2B media brands that are firmly rooted in the habits of decision-makers, our value proposition is based on four decisive pillars:

  1. Unique editorial expertise, covering 6 major sectors of the French economy, with nearly 400 expert journalists who provide professionals with daily updates on news, practices, innovations and developments in their market; ;
  2. A targeted, committed first-party audience, making Infopro Digital Media the French leader in B2B marketing solutions;
  3. At the cutting edge of customer knowledge and LeadGen, we deploy an Intent Data approach to make you visible to captive prospects who have expressed an intention to buy.
  4. Our B2B marketing experts will work with you to meet your challenges in terms of brand awareness, brand image, lead generation and conversion, for ultra-targeted, agile and 100% data-driven campaigns.


1. Awareness and visibility

Distribute your message to a targeted audience, attract the attention of decision-makers and anchor your brand in their minds. With a well-known, visible brand, your advertising messages are better received and more likely to generate positive results.

Did you know?

95% of your target audience is not in the buying phase at the “M” moment*. In fact, given that companies change suppliers and service providers every 5 years (on average), only 20% are looking for a new partner over the course of a year or 5% over the course of a quarter. With a well-executed Display campaign, you can occupy the ground and encourage people to contact you when a prospect is faced with a need that could be met by your offer.

2. Generate qualified leads

Target specific audience segments based on criteria that are important to your business, serve attractive Display ads on one or more sector-specific media brands, offer a Call to Action to a landing page and collect qualified leads, made up of decision-makers and influencers of the buying decision.

Did you know?

61% of B2B marketers admit that generating qualified leads remains their biggest challenge. Relying on our Display tools means getting off to a great start, with a positive and measurable ROI.

3. Promote your products and services

Present your flagship products and services to a targeted audience of professionals and decision-makers looking for a partner like you, shorten the buying process and boost your sales performance.

Did you know?

Your Display campaign can also promote a new offer to a qualified readership as part of the Go-to-Market (GTM). By harnessing the power of our media brands, you can reach the most relevant segments of your audience and maximise the visibility of your new products.

* According to the LinkedIn B2B Institute

** According to DemandGen Report

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