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The benchmark medium for building and civil engineering professionals. Every day, Le Moniteur des Artisans accompanies craftsmen and highlights their achievements and projects through a magazine, a theme channel, newsletters, etc.

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Create and cultivate relationships with craftsmen!

The No. 1 medium for craftsmen

The meeting place for building and civil engineering professionals

Le Moniteur des Artisans helps you to develop your business with the building trades public.


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Le Moniteur des Artisans gives a voice to building craftsmen, both online and in print, to reveal their everyday experiences, gather their expertise on major technical topics, and share solutions and innovations across key themes.


The Moniteur des Artisans website covers day-to-day technical innovations, profiles of craftsmen, construction sites, and current regulatory and technical topics. The monthly magazine, designed to give craftsmen a platform, features two major sections each month where craftsmen share their insights :

  • Materials
  • Technical Equipment

Le Moniteur des Artisans also makes news: a list of artisans’ grievances during the Gilets Jaunes, a diary of six artisans during the two-month lockdown, an appeal from artisans to the public authorities on eco-crime… A medium at the heart of its readers’ daily lives!

Solutions tailored to your every need

  • Advertising in the magazine: 40,000 copies distributed with each issue
  • Research: a collection of figures on your market (awareness, satisfaction surveys, etc.) and brand association to highlight your expertise on a particular subject
  • Content: creation of your own print, web and audio content to speak out on key construction issues and position yourself in the market

Boost your digital presence

  • Website: 123,000 unique visitors and 168,000 page views per month
  • Newsletters: 84,000 subscribers and three main themes (structural work, finishing work, water and energy)
  • Social networks for targeting and retargeting captive audiences
  • Data: 235,000 qualified contacts of tradespeople for your targeting and retargeting operations

Share your convictions, generate leads

Key events, tailor-made events… all opportunities to meet your targets:

  • Lives, broadcasts and webinars: the expertise of Webikeo – our digital conference solution – Moniteur.fr/artisans for high-impact speeches
  • Webinars, sponsored by the editorial team or customised with your own content to interact with your core target and generate qualified contacts.

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