B2B marketing: our 3 "Quick Wins" for 2023!

Boosting Sales-Marketing alignment through content, demystifying and appropriating the video format, mastering the art of a LinkedIn post. We're off!


B2B marketing: our 3 “Quick Wins” for 2023!

In this practical guide, the editors offer you three Quick Wins – good B2B marketing resolutions to aim for in 2023. Objective: maximise sales performance in 2023.

On the menu: the rebel project of Sales-Marketing alignment, the paradigm of Sales Content, the demystification of the video format and the art of the LinkedIn post. We’re off!

1- Boosting Sales-Marketing alignment through content

Initiated in the early 2000s, digital transformation has enabled companies to activate a number of performance levers, from the automation of redundant tasks to the measurement of marketing attribution, the improvement of ‘customer knowledge’ and the rationalisation of decision-making.

However, there is still one stubborn area of work: the alignment of Sales and Marketing, which seems to be resisting the SalesTech and MarTech boom. Yet the stakes are high.

For the back-to-school season, marketers can initiate a few measures to take a step towards alignment and land a few Quick Wins.

2- Demystifying and appropriating the video format

According to i2c, millennials now account for 75% of B2B purchasing decisions. Without getting too generational, this audience seems to be more receptive to visual, interactive and even entertaining formats. A Brightcove x Ascend 2 study investigated the impact of video on the B2B buying journey among 300 American decision-makers.

Here’s a Quick Win: decision-makers don’t necessarily expect polished videos produced by professional teams to advertising agency standards. Mobile phone clips featuring an expert giving advice, for example, may suffice.

Also on the programme: videos showing what goes on behind the scenes at the company, documenting a customer testimonial or distilling advice on how to use the solution being marketed. With a very reasonable training effort, companies can help B2B marketers get to grips with the new audiovisual tools designed for the uninitiated.

3- Mastering the art of LinkedIn posts

With more than 20 million registered users in France, i.e. two-thirds of the working population, LinkedIn has consolidated its hegemony in B2B social jousting during the pandemic period. The figures are impressive: 80% of messages are read, 40% of users consult LinkedIn daily and 60% say they “respond to requests on LinkedIn”.

This dynamic has naturally led marketers and salespeople to step up their actions on Microsoft’s social network to demonstrate their expertise, ‘nurture’ the audience, generate traffic on the company website and engage in Social Selling… with mixed results.

According to a LinkedIn x Edelman study, 71% of B2B decision-makers believe that half of the content they consume on social media does not add value to them. Here’s LinkedIn’s advice on how to put things right.

Quick Win: the search for consensus is not always relevant. It’s better to disagree with some of your target audience than to be ignored by 100% of them.

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