Bâtir pour le Climat 2023 : aiming for carbon neutrality

After a successful first edition, Bâtir pour le Climat returns in 2023 to support construction professionals in the ecological transition.


Driven by their cross-cutting expertise, their propensity for innovation, and their commitment to carbon neutrality, building professionals gathered for the 2nd edition of Bâtir pour le Climat,” an event hosted by Infopro Digital in collaboration with Le Moniteur, Négoce, and Les Cahiers Techniques du Bâtiment.

Bâtir pour le Climat :
the “decarbonized construction” event

Batir Pour Le Climat 2023

In France, the building sector is the second biggest emitter of greenhouse gases, accounting for 27% of CO2 emissions and around 45% of final energy consumption. Naturally, the sector has a decisive role to play in achieving France’s 2050 carbon neutrality targets.

Drawing on their cross-disciplinary expertise, their propensity for innovation and their commitment to the ecological transition, players in the sector are working together to build in a sensible, low-carbon way.

However, the climate issue is not the only motivation behind this dynamic. The transition to more environmentally friendly buildings creates a virtuous circle for occupants (households and professionals) and the community:

  • A drastic reduction in energy costs, against a backdrop of soaring prices and a geopolitical crisis;
  • Improved quality of life for occupants, with healthier and more pleasant living and working spaces;
  • Promoting the circular economy, by encouraging the reuse, recycling and repair of materials and equipment;
  • Enhancing the attractiveness of local areas, with buildings and neighbourhoods that are more welcoming and dynamic;
  • Local job creation, particularly in the construction and energy renovation sectors;
  • Improving the resilience of buildings to climate change, by anticipating the risks of flooding, heatwaves and storms;
  • Increasing the heritage value of buildings, with durable, long-lasting constructions.

The challenges are many, but so are the opportunities! It’s against this backdrop that the Infopro Digital group has come up with Bâtir pour le Climat, the flagship event to support construction industry players in their transformation towards low-carbon construction.

Bâtir pour le Climat : Let’s work towards carbon neutrality!

Supported by Le Moniteur, Négoce and Les Cahiers Techniques du Bâtiment, media brands of the Infopro Digital group, the 1st edition of Bâtir pour le Climat was a great success with professionals in the construction value chain:

Once again this year, Bâtir pour le Climat will be bringing together the key players in the building ecosystem at the Parc des Princes to examine the operational challenges facing the sector, from manufacturing to contracting to building management. On the programme: plenary lectures, regulatory updates, feedback, round tables, keynotes, expert workshops and great networking opportunities to encourage fruitful partnerships and collective intelligence in the service of carbon neutrality.

replay the 20222 edition !


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