70% of Internet users prefer to discover a company through quality content

Content marketing is the first tool that companies use in their digital strategy.

This term encompasses all types of format, including text, video and audio. By producing useful, informative and high-quality content, you can boost your credibility and attract the attention of qualified prospects. It’s the first building block in a communication campaign.

Unlike traditional advertising messages, which are now seen as increasingly intrusive and less and less relevant, content marketing is an opportunity for companies to stand out from the crowd, offering information that is available all the time. In this way, brands benefit from a strategy built over the long term and develop an in-depth relationship with their audience.

While written content (articles, white papers, infographics, etc.) is the most traditional approach, companies are now turning to video and podcasts to refine their message and reach new customers.
 This white paper provides an overview of content marketing and the keys to a successful content strategy. It will provide you with answers to questions that are essential when developing a digital marketing strategy, such as :

  • What types of content should be produced, and which ones are profitable?
  • How can you offer the right content to the right target audience to feed your sales force?
  • How can you stand out from your competitors?

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