on the road to ecological transition with Infopro Digital Media


France’s new target is to reduce carbon emissions by 50% by 2030 compared with 1990 levels, in line with the framework defined by the European Union.  

75% of this effort concerns companies and local authorities: Infopro Digital Media has decided to help you!  

A responsible, unique and 100% B2B concept 

And yes, we are thinking of you… To help you communicate your company’s green credentials, we’ve launched a website devoted entirely to decarbonation: Decarbonation 2030.  

Infopro Digital Media, a leader in professional information, has built on its unique expertise to offer Décarbonation 2030, a unique information website 100% dedicated to the environmental transition.  

Who is it aimed at? The site enables decision-makers to share their content (white papers, brochures, videos, etc.) on decarbonisation projects of which they are proud. In this way, Decarbonation2030 provides a place for people to meet and share their expertise, ideas and innovations.   

What’s more, communities of decision-makers can also draw inspiration from the online projects carried out by their peers in the dedicated sharing space.  

“Our ambition is to offer our readers practical, achievable solutions to help them successfully implement their decarbonisation projects,” explains Isabelle André, Executive Director of Infopro Digital. 

The aim is to respond to environmental challenges with clear, simple solutions. The power of decision and action is in the hands of businesses! 

Act and Inspire Together.

This unique media site aims to inspire decision-makers and allows advertisers to showcase their knowledge, expertise, and progress. Thus, addressing this environmental challenge is no longer a constraint but a real opportunity for sharing commitments and sectoral inspiration.

It is important to take action; Decarbonization2030 offers relevant resources for:

As an advertiser, this is a real opportunity to speak out on the subject of decarbonisation, to explain your projects and inspire your communities of professionals.  

Ready to join the adventure? Visit the website!


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