The Flash study, a new B2B offer tailored to your budget!

Are you interested in assessing brand awareness, customer satisfaction or finding out more about a topical issue? Infopro Digital Etudes offers you a brand new service: Flash Study!!


The Flash Study, the result of the expertise of the B2B research institute Infopro Digital Media

Methodological accuracy and media power, that’s what we offer you thanks to our team from the biggest research institutes. With the B2B database gathering 4 million contacts, you benefit from precise data on your core target.

“It is through this expertise that the brand new Flash Study has been specially designed for you.

Our aim is to offer you a simple, effective study that is suitable for everyone. 

A simple, fast and flexible offer 

To meet all your B2B marketing needs, we offer 3 options: 

  • Option 1: 5 questions and 150 respondents to be completed in 2 weeks 
  • Option 2: 10 questions and 200 respondents to be completed in 3 weeks 
  • Option 3: 15 questions and 200 respondents to be completed in 4 weeks

You’ve understood it, we adapt to you! And when we talk about studies… we mean results! These will be presented to you in a comprehensive, illustrated report. So, concretely, the Flash Study is:

  • Simple implementation
  • Fast results delivery
  • Precise targeting of B2B professionals
  • An offer that fits all budgets

Interested ? Click here to learn more 😉 

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