La Gazette des Communes celebrates the 40th anniversary of the Pors Law

La Gazette des Communes' editorial calendar will give pride of place to the 40th anniversary of the Le Pors law in 2023.


The Pors Act, a founding law

The civil service statute celebrates its 40th anniversary this year. Passed on 13 July 1983, the Pors Act, which founded the Staff Regulations, will be celebrating its 40th anniversary, an event duly marked by the Gazette des Communes, an Infopro Digital brand. Focus!

Loi Pors Fonction Publique La Gazette des Communes

If the Le Pors Act of 13 July 1983 were to be cited as the only virtue, it would undoubtedly be the fact that it made local authority employees full-fledged civil servants, on an equal footing with everyone else.

The Le Pors Act of 26 January 1984, which celebrates its 40th anniversary this year, marked a real turning point in the improvement of conditions for civil servants, both materially and morally. New rights were granted to civil servants, including the right of trade unions to negotiate, the right to strike, the right to ongoing training, and freedom of opinion.

For all these reasons, the Le Pors law is the founding act of the civil service statute, an eminently central function in which almost 6 million people work in France. A function carried out by men and women united around strong values, the basis of the social contract that binds them to society as a whole and in all its diversity: commitment, integrity, legality, continuity, loyalty, neutrality, respect, quality, responsiveness, efficiency, etc.

So it’s only fitting that la Gazette des Communes, the benchmark media brand for the local authority civil service, should be celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Le Pors law!

La Gazette des Communes célèbre la fonction publique !

The editorial calendar of the Gazette des Communes will give pride of place to the 40th anniversary of the Le Pors law in 2023, always in the friendly tone favoured by the hundreds of thousands of professionals who frequent this leading medium on a daily basis.

To mark the occasion, the editorial team at La Gazette des Communes has put together a rich and original programme, based on a positive view of the civil service and its values, because, in essence, the civil service adapts to changes in society and offers fulfilling career prospects, far from the stereotype that has long accompanied civil service jobs, which are supposed to be static and inert.

In reality, the evolving nature of the missions assigned to the State and local authorities, coupled with technological advances, inevitably entails a transformation of the professions within the function and even the creation of new professions that do not yet exist.

The editorial team of La Gazette des Communes will also strive to highlight public service employees, with projections on the evolution of the function over the next 40 years. So, what are the professions that we will see emerge in the public service? Today, we talk about “eaubanistes,” urban planners specialized in water management, among other roles.

Their mission: to adapt cities to climate change. There is also talk of predictors, who try to foresee certain events using AI. We are likely to see the emergence of “soft change coaches”, who use the “nudge” theory to initiate changes in behaviour in the service of personal or general interest.


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