The people behind Infopro Digital Media

The Infopro Digital Media team

A team with a diverse skill set to meet all your needs and the specific requirements of your campaigns.

InfoPro Digital Media Marketing B2B équipe, performance

Taking you further!

CSM is at the cutting edge of the most relevant technologies, our product teams are continuously improving their creativity, our sales team is dedicated to your success, our marketing team is there to promote our solutions, and our journalists are industry experts…


By leveraging the technical expertise and know-how of our teams, we strive to provide unparalleled reach for your products. Our sole aim is to share our B2B culture with you and help you stand out from the crowd.


We firmly embrace the power of collective intelligence and understand that by working together, we can accomplish even greater things. Collaboration, collective effort, and reciprocity serve as the driving forces that unite and empower close-knit teams.


Thanks to our expertise in your industries, we can anticipate your needs and build lasting relationships. We are committed to making your campaigns a media experience.


We maintain a constant drive for action and innovation. Being agile and pragmatic, we go above and beyond to deliver optimal results for you, our colleagues, and our communities.

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