Brokers: the Argus de l'Assurance is preparing a print supplement

on personal risk insurance for self-employed workers (16 June 2023)


L’Argus de l’Assurance, the Infopro Digital group’s flagship media brand, supports brokers wishing to enter the (very) buoyant self-employed provident insurance market with a print supplement entitled “Le point sur… La prévoyance des TNS”, with a print run of 15,000 copies.

Personal risk insurance for self-employed workers: a buoyant market for insurers and brokers

There are just over 3.2 million self-employed people in France, including micro-entrepreneurs, self-employed professionals, company directors and craftsmen (Insee, 2021). While this “status” confers certain advantages (flexibility, autonomy, certain tax benefits, etc.), it is more often than not associated with a degree of precariousness and low welfare benefits under the compulsory social protection scheme.

For example, the maximum benefit paid by the Sécurité sociale des indépendants (formerly RSI) for a shopkeeper or craftsman is 50% less than the Social Security Ceiling (PASS). The vast majority of self-employed workers receive no daily allowance at all.

It is therefore quite natural for self-employed workers to turn to supplementary professional provident schemes or TNS provident schemes, to maintain a reasonable level of income in the event of a setback (work stoppage, accident, illness leading to incapacity for work or disability, etc.).

For insurers and brokers, the personal risk market for the self-employed is full of opportunities, starting with the loyalty of the target group. “For several months now, we’ve been seeing increasing interest from players who previously had little or no presence in the self-employed market,” explains Sébastien Mahieux-Bibé, head of finance at Vertone, speaking to l’Argus de l’Assurance.

Pierre François, Managing Director of Swiss Life Prévoyance et Santé, agrees: “In this respect, self-employed workers offer excellent commercial prospects, not only in terms of equipment – even more so if they have employees – but also in terms of multi-equipment (supplementary health, life insurance, retirement, etc.)”. For brokers and insurers, it’s worth the risk, given that around 1.75 million self-employed people working in France do not yet have a provident cover.

L’Argus de l’Assurance supports professionals wishing to position themselves in the self-employed provident market

A target group with a reputation for loyalty and profitability, a market that is still far from saturation, and an economic climate that calls for caution and foresight… brokers and insurers are well aware of the potential of the self-employed provident savings market.

To make the most of the situation, they are focusing on broadening the content of their offer (covering psychologist consultations, legal protection, nutritional and dietary advice, for example), personalisation, educational efforts, “package” type offers, and strengthening their prospecting capabilities for a target group that is not always visible.

As the flagship media brand of the Infopro Digital group, l’Argus de l’Assurance is mobilising its teams to support executives and decision-makers in the sector who want to seize opportunities in the personal protection market.

On 16 June, the leading insurance medium will be distributing 15,000 copies of a print supplement entitled “A look at… Personal risk insurance for self-employed workers”, a practical, actionable tool for brokers wishing to position themselves in the self-employed workers’ risk insurance market.

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