To enrich the relationship between your brands and your audience, it's vital to provide your community with lively, relevant and inspirational content.


Tailor-made, creative and effective content

Infopro Digital Stories, our content agency, can help you design and produce effective, meaningful content to engage your audiences and generate leads. Diversify your content and its formats to boost interaction and increase your opportunities to make contact with your targets. Our teams will work with you to define the KPIs for your campaigns based on this content.

content projects / year
content projects / year
editorial talent - creative talent - business experts
editorial talent - creative talent - business experts
Employees in Print & Web Design
Employees in Print & Web Design

Our expertise

Support from A to Z to tell the story of your expertise, your professions and your commitments, and guarantee that your know-how will be promoted to the right target audience. We’ll make your content effective with the people who are waiting for you!

  • Articles: thanks to our expert writers, we can write your series of articles in line with your editorial guidelines and your brand identity. We distribute them in our print and web media to promote your expertise to professionals in your sector.
  • Videos: we produce all video formats for digital distribution and on social networks.
  • Lives and broadcasts: we offer a variety of live and broadcast solutions to animate and engage your communities on social networks.
  • Podcasts: easy to listen to, podcasts create a different kind of relationship with your audience, one that is more direct, more intimate and more mobile. We create and produce your podcasts and broadcast them on the Group’s media, platforms or your own media.
  • Whitepapers: become a reference on one of the key subjects in your sector. White papers are an essential tool for generating qualified contacts and deploying your lead generation strategy.
  • Social networks: we’ll help you build your social network content strategy and deploy it alongside you on a daily basis.
  • Event content: we can help you promote your brand’s presence at major professional events in your sector with 100% exclusive, multi-format content (trend reports, videos, podcasts, live events, community management, etc.).

As your campaigns progress, we monitor the performance of each piece of content by evaluating the interests of your target audiences.

Tailored resources for you

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