Local authorities & elected officials

With nearly 35,000 municipalities, 101 departments, and 18 regions, France's local government landscape represents a significant, promising, and dynamic market. Despite the specificities of public service, local authorities share many challenges and issues with the private sector. Leveraging its powerful brands deeply rooted in the habits of local decision-makers, the Infopro Digital group equips advertisers to target and engage this strategic audience.


The specificities of the audience of local authorities and elected officials

Envisioning the territories of tomorrow in the face of the great challenges of the 21st century while providing pragmatic, actionable, and immediate responses to the concerns of citizens. This quest for balance between short and long terms structures public action and guides the daily lives of local decision-makers.

Active & Named Contacts
Active & Named Contacts
Professionals consult LGDC
Professionals consult LGDC
Techni.Cités readers
Techni.Cités readers

Advertisers wishing to deploy a marketing campaign on Infopro Digital’s media brands targeting local authorities and elected officials must take into account the major challenges of this audience:

  • Social cohesion and the fight against inequalities: Local authorities must work to reduce social and territorial inequalities by implementing policies for integration, housing, education, and mobility. This also involves combating precariousness and promoting access to public services for all
  • Ecological transition: Local authorities and elected officials are at the forefront of implementing ecological transition policies such as sustainable mobility development, renewable energy expansion, biodiversity preservation, and the promotion of the circular economy ;
  • Inflation: Faced with rising prices and the erosion of purchasing power, local authorities must manage the consequences of inflation on their budget, find solutions to limit price increases for public services, and support the most vulnerable households;
  • Territorial reindustrialization by supporting the development of future sectors, encouraging innovation, and attracting investments to stimulate employment and local growth. ;
  • Governance and citizen participation: Local authorities must strengthen local democracy by involving citizens more in decision-making processes, promoting transparency, and developing citizen participation tools ;
  • Attractiveness of the public sector: Local authorities are faced with the need to attract and retain talent in the public sector by offering attractive career prospects, modernizing working conditions, and adapting skills to changes in the public sector ;
  • Water shortage: Managing water resources is a major challenge for local authorities that must anticipate shortages, optimize water use, preserve resource quality, and develop sustainable solutions to ensure water supply to their territories.


Address and engage the audience of elected officials with Infopro Digital

To help elected officials and local decision-makers address the major challenges of the 21st century and envision the territories of tomorrow, the Infopro Digital group mobilizes its teams daily through exceptional editorial initiatives close to the field, but also with the perspective required for territorial planning.

Speak out on media brands massively read by local decision-makers such as La Gazette des Communes, Le Courrier des Maires, or La Lettre du Cadre, and make your value proposition known to a highly targeted audience actively seeking partners.


targeting Local authorities & elected officials

  • 82% of regular readers of Techni.Cités participate in purchasing decisions.
  • Le Courrier des Maires has a penetration rate of 38% among elected officials.
  • 85% of local decision-makers consult La Gazette des Communes brand.
  • 52% of La Gazette readers believe that advertising in professional press carries valuable information.
Gazette des Communes
La Gazette des communes
Courrier Des Maires Maire Mairie Elu Election Assemblee Service Public Collectivites Etat Region Territoires Communautes
Le Courrier des Maires
Lettre Du Cadre Marketing Communication Digital Travail Collectivités Administration Service Public
La Lettre du cadre
Technicites Collectivites Territoires Marketing Femme Decideur Prescripteur Sales Communication Equipe Team Digital Dispositif Campagne Media Presse
Associations Mode Emploi Marketing
Association mode d’emploi
Acteurs Sport Club Marketing Communication Equipe Team Digital
Club Acteurs du Sport
Club Education Vie Scolaire Marketing Sales Communication Equipe Team Digital Brainstorming Collectivites Public
Club éducation & vie scolaire
Club Sante Social Collectivites Administration Service Public Marketing
Club Santé social

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