ChatGPT and B2B marketing professionals

Infopro Digital Media's research institute has published the first study on the use of ChatGPT in B2B marketing in France.


Artificial Intelligence and the B2B marketer

In a world where Artificial Intelligence continues to develop, marketing is adapting! ChatGPT has the potential to revolutionise the day-to-day life of marketers, helping them to carry out their missions more effectively. But… the use of this tool by professionals is still limited and too little exploited.

Infopro Digital Media, via its B2B research institute, has looked into the subject in order to understand how B2B marketing professionals use ChatGPT.

“We wanted to understand not only if, and how, marketers are using ChatGPT, but also how they feel about the technology.” Marion Cousin, Director of the Infopro Digital Media Research Institute.

This ground-breaking study gathered responses from 366 B2B marketing professionals, revealing vital information about the adoption and use of this artificial intelligence technology.

How are B2B marketers using ChatGPT?

Thanks to the study, we can now understand and analyze the behaviours of B2B marketing professionals towards this technology. Several key points were discussed

Usage frequency: 59% of B2B marketing professionals use ChatGPT on a daily basis and 14% plan to use it in the future.

Type of use: of the professionals who use ChatGPT, 84% use it to write content and 63% to obtain information on a subject. The main use of ChatGPT is for writing content and providing information.

B2B marketing professionals’ perception of this AI: the level of trust is higher among users, a good number of people who do not use Chat GPT do not trust the platform. Among professionals who do not wish to use ChatGPT, 52% justify this choice by a lack of confidence in its credibility.

This comprehensive new study will help you understand everything about the relationship between ChatGPT and marketers!

“The results of our study shed valuable light on the use of ChatGPT in BtoB marketing, highlighting both the widespread adoption of the technology and the level of user satisfaction,” explains Marion Cousin.

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