The reindustrialisation of regions as seen by Le Courrier des Maires


Le Courrier des Maires, the benchmark publication for local authorities, decentralisation and the local civil service, is preparing a special issue on the challenge of reindustrialising local areas. The aim is to equip mayors and local councillors to play their key role in the local reindustrialisation dynamic.

Reindustrialisation of regions: decisive challenges for France

Stimulating economic development and job creation, reducing territorial inequalities, strengthening local value chains, stemming the depopulation of certain urban and rural areas, regaining economic sovereignty, and fostering innovation… the challenges of reindustrialising territories are decisive, even more so in a post-Covid world.

However, this reindustrialisation effort should not be seen as a step backwards towards a polluting and energy-intensive economy, but rather as an opportunity to build a new economic model that is more resilient, fairer and more sustainable.

Mayors and local councillors have a major role to play in this dynamic. They work to promote their region’s assets in terms of infrastructure, skilled labour and quality of life, in order to attract industrial investment and encourage business start-ups. They are also responsible for implementing public policy incentives, supporting local economic players and assisting industrial projects with administrative and regulatory procedures.

Finally, local councillors must ensure that the needs of the manufacturing industry are matched with the skills available in the area, by working closely with those involved in vocational training and education.

Le Courrier des Maires is preparing a special issue devoted to the reindustrialisation of regions

Le Courrier des Maires, the flagship publication for local authorities, decentralisation and the local civil service, is mobilising its editorial teams for a special issue dedicated to the reindustrialisation of local areas, with a one-off publication to coincide with the 2023 edition of the Salon des Maires et des Collectivités Locales (SMCL) to be held on 21, 22 and 23 November at the Parc des Expositions (Porte de Versailles) in Paris.

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