Industry and Territories: the Challenge of Reindustrialization (Courrier des Maires)


Le Courrier des Maires, the leading media brand for local authorities, decentralisation and the local civil service, is mobilising its editorial teams and offering readers an exclusive feature on the challenge of reindustrialisation in post-Covid areas.

Reindustrializing for a More Resilient, Equitable, and Sustainable Economic Model

Réindustrialisation Courrier Maires France Covid-19

The Covid-19 health crisis has highlighted the fragility of global supply chains and exacerbated territorial inequalities in France. Against this backdrop, the reindustrialisation of our regions is (once again) emerging as a decisive solution for strengthening our country’s economic and social resilience.

As well as helping to relocate the economy, reindustrialisation creates job opportunities, encourages innovation and the development of new technologies, and reduces dependence on imports.

However vital it may be, this reindustrialisation must not be seen as a step backwards towards a polluting, energy-guzzling economy, but rather as an opportunity to build a new economic model that is more resilient, fairer and more sustainable, favouring short circuits, local production and responsible operational processes. The aim is to reposition France in the global industrial arena, strengthen regional autonomy and reconcile industrial performance with the challenge of sustainable development.

Re-industrialising Regions: the crucial role of Mayors and Local councils

Local councillors, and mayors in particular, have a key role to play in the local reindustrialisation process. They are on the front line in promoting the establishment of manufacturing companies in their area, by mobilising the various local players (companies, associations, local authorities) to build a favourable ecosystem for manufacturing.

They are also expected to support training initiatives to meet the skills needs of local businesses and thus promote employment throughout the region.

Mayors and local councillors must therefore facilitate administrative procedures for investors, encourage synergies between local companies and economic players in the area, and work closely with chambers of commerce and industry to develop reindustrialisation strategies tailored to the needs and specific characteristics of their area.

Finally, mayors can act as ambassadors for their areas by promoting their economic assets to investors and taking part in national and international economic events.

Territorial Reindustrialization: Courrier des Maires Mobilizes Its Teams

Le Courrier des Maires, a key source of information for local authorities and the civil service, is mobilising its teams to offer an exclusive feature on the challenge of reindustrialising post-Covid regions.

In this new issue, Le Courrier des Maires will be highlighting the initiatives taken by local authorities and regional players to promote the establishment and development of industrial companies in their areas. It will also look at the various issues involved in reindustrialisation, including the ecological transition and new sustainable economic models.

This dossier, scheduled for publication in April/May 2023, is aimed at mayors, local councillors, heads of local authorities and all those involved in regional economic development.

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