L'Usine Digitale mobilised for the 15th edition of the FIC


The FIC deciphers the public cloud for its 15th edition. 

The International Cybersecurity Forum (FIC Europe) brought together CIOs, senior executives and IT managers at the Lille Grand Palais convention centre from 5 to 7 April. Organised under the theme “In Cloud We Trust”, the 15th edition of the FIC deciphered the contribution of the public cloud to digital transformation in Europe.  

As it does every year, L’Usine Digitale, France’s leading medium for the digital transformation of businesses and a brand of the Infopro Digital group, is mobilising its teams for unprecedented coverage of the event. Here’s a sneak preview!

Usine Digitale FIC 2023

Facing up to the operational challenges of cybersecurity while helping to build a digital future in line with Europe’s values and interests. This is the common thread that runs through the International Cybersecurity Forum (FIC) every year. This flagship event for digital security and trust brings together the entire European cybersecurity ecosystem, from end customers to academics, solution providers and consultants

This 15th edition, under the theme “In Cloud we trust”, examined the trust placed in the public cloud. Although it is seen as the driving force behind digital transformation, the public cloud still has a low adoption rate in Europe (40%). The market potential for suppliers and the productivity gains for end customers are therefore enormous. 

But how do you choose a public Cloud solution? While functional and financial criteria are essential, they are not enough to make an informed choice. As a long-term commitment, a Cloud solution must also be chosen on the basis of cybersecurity criteria and confidence in the operator, given the sensitivity of the information entrusted to it, often of a strategic nature (information assets, business processes, financial data, etc.)

The problem is that, while cyber security is a tangible, measurable, comparable and verifiable criterion, trust is a subjective factor that is difficult to assess. As a result, end customers are often forced to trust the operator “by default”. 

FIC 2023: Cloud Computing: the issue of ‘lock-in’ 

The FIC is both a trade fair for end customers and solution providers and a forum for discussion and reflection on the operational and strategic challenges of cybersecurity.  

Somewhat paradoxically, the great strength of the Cloud is also its weakness: concentration. While this allows resources to be pooled for the benefit of cybersecurity, it also exposes the Cloud to a systemic risk in the event of an attack.  

From a strategic point of view, it has to be said that Cloud computing creates a dependency, a “lock-in” that undermines trust in a tense geopolitical context. Indeed, 70% of European data is mainly stored in the United States, and extraterritorial laws can lead to data being held hostage.

The meeting took place from 5 to 7 April 2023 at Lille Grand Palais, but also on L’Usine Digitale to decipher the exchanges and get up to speed!

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