Candidates are looking for direct contact with recruiters and want to find out about vacancies, projects and the tasks they would be undertaking if they joined a Group. For your part, you are also looking for contact with candidates, but you want to optimise your time by ensuring that you can talk effectively with profiles that match your needs.


Digital jobdating, an innovative system based on Eventmaker technology, enables you to attract the best talent in record time, while presenting your employer brand in its best light, human and up-to-date.

A complete system

  • A dedicated mini-site integrated into your web universe, enabling you to broadcast and manage your webinar and your Job Dating, get your messages across to your future candidates and schedule interview times according to your diary.
  • Ahead of the Job Dating, a webinar giving your employees the chance to have their say, followed by a question and answer session with your future candidates via chat.
  • The best way to promote your Employer Brand and make candidates want to be part of your adventure.
  • An invitation sent to your preferred target audience to invite them to attend the event, targeted on the basis of our media audience.
  • A display and social media promotion plan to promote the event
  • A database of candidates that you can keep and contact after the event

Tailored resources for you

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