Les Assises de l'Industrie: for France to regain its manufacturing sovereignty


Every year, L’Usine Nouvelle, the Infopro Digital group’s industry media reference, organises Les Assises de l’Industrie, a high-level conference that brings together more than 150 leaders and decision-makers to discuss the sector’s major challenges: reindustrialisation, industrial sovereignty, sustainability, cybersecurity, procurement, energy sourcing, the industrial cloud, the talent shortage, etc. Let’s take a look back at the 2022 event and look forward to the 2023 edition!

Les Assises de l’Industrie : reindustrialisation, a French necessity

Assises Industrie France Souvraineté Industrielle

French manufacturing is in decline. Since the mid-1980s, France has seen a more marked de-industrialisation than its European neighbours, in favour of a thriving service sector. Logically, employment in the sector has contracted sharply: a Senate report points out that nearly 2.5 million industrial jobs were lost in France between 1974 and 2020. This shift from manufacturing to the service economy has gradually eroded the local economic fabric of French regions traditionally associated with industrial activity.

While the idea of reindustrialising France has been hammered home regularly in public debate for the last fifteen years, it really gained the support of the entire political class after the pandemic… a crisis that revealed France’s dependence on imports of critical goods from abroad, particularly medical supplies, medicines and food products.

After the pandemic, the return of war to the Old Continent will highlight the vulnerability of France and Europe to natural gas imports from Russia.

Les Assises de l’Industrie, the event for the reindustrialisation of France

It was in this turbulent environment that L’Usine Nouvelle organised the 2022 edition of Assises de l’Industrie, a hybrid event attended by over 150 captains of industry and experts who came to take stock of the French manufacturing landscape, draw up an initial assessment of reindustrialisation efforts and explore the levers to be used to regain France’s industrial sovereignty. Two major themes framed the debates:

Chairmen, CEOs, strategists, R&D and other specialists in industrial innovation came together to discuss the key issues facing manufacturing, with the exceptional presence of Olivier Andries (CEO of SAFRAN), Bruno Le Maire (Minister for the Economy, Finance and Industrial and Digital Sovereignty) and Roland Lescure (Minister Delegate for Industry). Did you miss this edition? Replay the highlights including the Masterclass with Bruno Le Maire and Jean-Marc Chéry, head of STMicroelectronics. The date and venue of the 2023 edition of the Assises de l’Industrie will be announced at a later date by the editors of L’Usine Nouvelle. Ask for the programme now!



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