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The 1st source of information that has been bringing together the community of decision-makers in the packaging sector since 1932. Coverage of packaging machinery manufacturers, packaging manufacturers of all materials, printing technologies, etc.

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The leading brand in the packaging and graphic arts sector

The place to be for decision-makers in the packaging industry.

Whatever your needs, we have the right solutions to reach your target audience: decision-makers in the packaging and graphic arts industries.


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The benchmark publication for packaging and packaging technology, Emballages Magazine has covered the following topics since 1932

Emballages Magazine deciphers the latest news on packaged products, from consumer goods to industry and services.


Plastics, paper, cardboard, wood, glass, steel, aluminium: all materials are covered, from the production of raw materials to their transformation. Consignment, re-use, bulk, reduction at source, eco-design, sorting, collection and recycling: the circular economy concerns brands and their suppliers as well as local authorities.


Day after day, Emballages Magazine delivers unique information on innovation, regulations, marketing, economics, production, distribution and logistics for professionals in the food, beverage, health, hygiene, beauty and luxury industries.

A powerful multi-media ecosystem focused on your favourite subjects

We’ve been leading the community of decision-makers in the packaging and graphic arts sector since 1932. As such, we can advise you and activate the most relevant levers to meet your objectives.

  • Advertising: 15,000 copies distributed each month
  • Research: gathering figures on your market (awareness, satisfaction, etc.) and associating your brand with ours to highlight your expertise on a particular subject.
  • Content: editorial, video, audio, etc. produced by our integrated agency.

Digital solutions to be where your audiences are

  • Website: 3.3 million visits and 5.4 million page views per month on www.usinenouvelle.com
  • Newsletter: 36,000 subscribers
  • Social media: to capture an additional audience and reach your core target on complementary networks

Talk to committed decision-makers

  • “L’Oscar de l’Emballage”: an annual presentation of innovative techniques and know-how of packaging professionals
  • The annual Emballage conference: a unique networking event for packaging decision-makers
  • Events organised to reach your core target audience in the form of conferences, congresses, trophies, etc.
  • Webinars: speaking to your core target audience and associating brands to promote your expertise on a particular subject

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