Industrie Pharma

The leading source of information and inspiration for executives and managers in the fine chemicals and pharmaceutical process industries

Industrie Pharmaceutique

The leading brand for fine chemicals and pharmaceutical processes

The leading source of information for executives and managers in the pharmaceutical industry.

The industry’s only magazine, Industrie Pharma is aimed at all players in the drug production chain, as well as their equipment and service suppliers.


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Industrie Pharma magazine is published every two months.

It is dedicated to all those involved in pharmaceutical and biotechnological production, from the production of active ingredients to the packaging of medicines, as well as to all suppliers of equipment and services.


From economic and pharmaceutical news to regulatory developments, technological advances in products and processes, logistics and employment/training, the editorial team strives to provide the widest possible range of information to reflect the dynamism of the pharmaceutical industry. This is particularly true in France, where the industry has embarked on the road to health recovery.


The COVID-19 crisis has revealed a serious loss of sovereignty in the production of active ingredients, almost 80% of which are supplied to us by Asia, leading to tensions and even supply disruptions for many medicines.


The repatriation of essential production is now the order of the day, but with revisited, innovative and more environmentally-friendly processes, at a time when the issue of decarbonisation is increasingly emerging for the pharmaceutical industry too.

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