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Info Chimie, the #1 source of information for executives and managers in the chemical industry. The leading brand in the chemical industry welcomes the leading brand in renewable raw materials and ingredients, Formule Verte!

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The leading brand in the chemical industry.

In 2021, our media, leader in the chemical industry sector, became an expert section of As the leading source of information for executives and managers in this industry, we offer a powerful multi-media ecosystem.


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Info Chimie is the leading industrial trade magazine dedicated to the chemical sector.

Published every two months, it is aimed at all chemical manufacturers – producers and formulators – and their suppliers of equipment and services for both research and production.


Today, the chemical industry faces a triple challenge: decarbonizing its activities and those of its customers, digitizing its operations and renewing its products to guarantee their safety for man and the environment.  


To meet these challenges, the chemical industry has embarked on a vast transformation of its R&D and production operations, diversifying its energy resources (renewable electricity, biomass, RSC, etc.) and raw materials (recycled materials, bio-sourced materials, CO2, etc.) to reduce its historical dependence on fossil fuels. A little-known and often disparaged industry, chemistry is nevertheless the mother of all industries, insofar as it innovates for all other industrial sectors.


As such, InfoChimie is strongly committed to supporting the chemical industry, believing that without it, we won’t be able to meet the challenges of demographic growth and ecological transition.

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  • Advertising: 4,100 copies distributed
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  • Events: annual events such as the Trophées Initiative Chimie, organized in collaboration with GIFIC, to reach your target audiences.
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