You're looking for candidates, they're looking in our media! Reach the talent in your sector directly, or go and find them where they are, on their preferred media.


Advertise up to 300 jobs per month on our website and print media, all in your corporate colors, thanks to our dedicated ad integration team.

Your job opportunities are sent directly to audiences on our media sites, corresponding to the profiles of the talents you’re looking for: L’Usine Nouvelle, Le Moniteur, LSA Conso, L’Argus de l’assurance, L’Usine Digitale, La Gazette des Communes, Le Courrier des Maires, Lettre du Cadre, etc.

A complete package

HR Data System 

Present your job opportunities and your company’s brand in tailor-made campaigns, sent to the candidates you want to target in the main sectors of the French economy!

Key figures : 

  • 1.7M qualified candidates
  • 6 segmentation criteria
  • 12% open rate

Tailored resources for you

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