"Territoires & Industrie": La Gazette and L'Usine Nouvelle join forces

The editorial teams of La Gazette des Communes and L'Usine Nouvelle are joining forces for the 2023 edition of the "Territoires & Industrie" days. Focus on the event!


For the 2023 edition of the “Territoires & Industrie” event, the editorial teams of la Gazette des Communes and l’Usine Nouvelle, two leading media from the Infopro Digital group, are joining forces to bring you the best of public policy in support of local manufacturing development. Find out more!

Territoires & Industrie: two events serving the local industrial fabric

La Gazette des Communes and l’Usine Nouvelle are organising two editions of the “Territoires & Industrie” event, on the themes of:

This merger will increase the number of links and reinforce the synergy between two events that share a common objective: to mobilize the driving forces and players in the secondary sector ecosystem to stimulate local manufacturing executive development. The two-day event will be hosted by Emmanuel Duteil, Editorial Director of L’Usine Nouvelle, and Guillaume Doyen, Editorial Director of La Gazette des Communes. The debates will focus on the following topics:

  • What are the keys to successful industrialisation??
  • How do you build a relationship between an elected representative and a company director?
  • Expansion, relocation, modernisation, nuisance: how do you prevent the risks?
  • Industrial culture, workforce: what are the criteria for reindustrialisation?

The “Territoires & Industrie” days will close with an awards ceremony and a cocktail reception.

5 meetings in 5 cities in connection with the “Territoires & Industrie” days

The collaboration between the editorial teams of la Gazette des Communes and l’Usine Nouvelle will also take the form of 5 meetings in 5 cities, from April to November 2023, focusing on 5 major themes:

This dense programme, spread out over the year, aims to bring together elected representatives and decision-makers from local authorities as well as local industrial leaders, to document good practices in relocation on the ground, to move from theory to practice and to shine the spotlight on French industrial territories in order to support the drive for reindustrialisation at local authority level.

Confirm your attendance at the “Territoires & Industrie” meetings (Crolles or Valence) or contact the organising team if you would like to be associated with the event.

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