Construction decision-makers

Carbon neutrality by 2050, stricter environmental regulations, the need to cut costs while maintaining the quality of construction, a shortage of raw materials, geopolitical uncertainties, the attractiveness of the sector for young talent... decision-makers in the construction industry are operating in an environment that is both turbulent and full of opportunities.


An affinitive audience on construction topics

With strong editorial initiatives and powerful media brands, Infopro Digital paves the way for advertisers looking to address and engage this audience in search of innovative solutions and reliable partners to meet the great challenges of the 21st century.

Aff. index for top executives
Aff. index for top executives
Readers of Moniteur
Readers of Moniteur
Qual. contacts in the database
Qual. contacts in the database

The specifics of the construction decision-makers audience


With the increasing demands of regulations and the emergence of virtuous best practices, there is no shortage of topics on the construction agenda;

  • Carbon neutrality goal by 2050: The construction sector represents 43% of France’s annual energy consumption and generates 23% of greenhouse gas emissions (Ministry of Ecological Transition). The goal of carbon neutrality by 2050, set by the Paris Agreement, requires construction stakeholders to drastically reduce their CO2 emissions, especially by using environmentally friendly construction techniques and materials ;
  • RE 2020: Effective January 1, 2022, the 2020 Environmental Regulation aims to reduce the environmental impact of new buildings by imposing stricter requirements for energy performance and indoor air quality;
  • Net Zero Artificialization (ZAN): Established in 2018 by the Biodiversity Plan and in 2020 by the Citizen Convention on Climate, the ZAN approach aims to limit construction on natural or agricultural spaces, give greater importance to nature in the city, and curb urban sprawl.;
  • Extended Producer Responsibility (REP): REP is a principle whereby producers are responsible for managing the waste of their end-of-life products. In the construction sector, decision-makers must take this responsibility into account in the choice of materials and construction methods.

In addition to these structuring factors, technological advances such as Building Information Modeling (BIM), drones for site monitoring and inspection, augmented reality for design and training, etc., are also significant. Construction decision-makers are also expected to improve the attractiveness of the sector to address talent shortages and strengthen collaboration with stakeholders, including local authorities and elected officials


Infopro Digital supports you in addressing the target audience of construction decision-makers


With powerful media brands targeting construction decision-makers such as Le Moniteur des travaux publics et du bâtiment, Le Moniteur des Artisans, Le Moniteur Matériels, Négoce, AMC, and Les Cahiers techniques du Bâtiment, the Infopro Digital group provides a royal path for advertisers looking to promote their value proposition, demonstrate their expertise, enhance their visibility, and reveal their commitments to the broad audience of construction decision-makers: executives and managers of construction companies, real estate developers, architects, engineers, etc.

for Construction Companies

76% of executives and leaders who read Le Moniteur do not read any other weekly economic and professional press (*Source: One Next influence 2021),

58% of executives and leaders who consult the Le Moniteur brand participate in the purchasing decisions of their company (*Source: One Next influence 2021),

60% of executives and leaders who visit the Le Moniteur website participate in the purchasing decisions of their company (*One Next influence 2020).

Le Moniteur Batiment Travaux Publics
Le Moniteur des travaux publics et du bâtiment
Moniteur Artisans
Le Moniteur des Artisans
Moniteur Matériel Chantier
Le Moniteur Matériels
Négoce Media Distribution Bâtiment
AMC Construction Marketing Filiere Btp Batiment Architecture Plan Architecte
Cahier Techniques Ctb Construction Marketing Filiere Btp Batiment Architecture Plan Outils Achat B2b BtoB Toiture
Les Cahiers techniques du Bâtiment
Stores Fermetures Construction Portes Fenetres BtoB B2B Professionnels Achats Batiment Construction BTP
Stores et Fermetures

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