Climate Issues

Rarely has humanity been faced with such a crucial challenge as climate change. Complex and multi-dimensional, it cuts across the entire economy and calls into question our lifestyles. Its increasingly visible consequences are threatening the fragile balance of our planet and affecting life on Earth. If we are to rise to the challenge, we need a global, concerted and integrated approach, in which public and private players and civil society join forces, in a spirit of collective intelligence, to devise and implement innovative solutions.

Climate issues, from manufacturing to the community

As an industrialised country, France is faced with the need to reduce its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to meet the targets set by the Paris Agreement and by national policies to combat climate change. French manufacturing emits a significant proportion of GHGs, mainly CO2, CH4 and N2O, from the combustion of fossil fuels, industrial processes and waste management.

Reducing these emissions is essential if we are to limit global warming… but we must do so within two constraints: preserving industrial competitiveness and pursuing the strategic objective of reindustrialising France. The automotive sector is at the forefront of this transformation, with the official end of new internal combustion engine cars in the EU by 2035.

At the local authority level, climate issues mean that we need to rethink infrastructure, public services and local policies, with a view to both mitigation and adaptation. For example, urban planning and the architecture of future homes will have to anticipate and integrate new meteorological phenomena into the solutions proposed to overcome the difficulties posed by flooding, heatwaves and water shortages. The “Resilient City”, soft mobility, short circuits in public catering, sustainable management of resources and citizen involvement are all levers that can be activated to meet the climate challenge.

Another dimension concerns the social acceptance of ecology. In a difficult economic climate, asking people to make extra efforts can sometimes give rise to incomprehension and even rejection. Education and teaching have a role to play here.

Climate issues at the heart of the Infopro Digital group’s editorial teams

The climate challenge is complex and multidimensional. As such, it requires a holistic and integrated approach, with a focus on education and a strong editorial drive. To bring an objective, expert and relevant perspective to our audiences, our journalists work in the field every day, offering you exclusive resources on our sector-specific media brands.

We give the floor to researchers, scientists, decision-makers and players from the private and public sectors to explore the many dimensions of the climate challenge. We are also committed to promoting positive initiatives by highlighting innovative projects, responsible businesses and exemplary public policies.

You too can speak out on this decisive issue and inform your audience about your commitments and/or your value proposition!

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