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#1 for reaching decision-makers in the French manufacturing sector, L'Usine Nouvelle deciphers major trends in economic and industrial news, helps decision-makers understand market and technical developments, and identifies lucrative and strategic markets.

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L’Usine Nouvelle has been the benchmark brand for manufacturing executives since 1891 (132 years).

Our communication solutions make you visible, boost your brand awareness, and provide you with business opportunities in an influential and committed community.


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L'Usine Nouvelle has been the leading media outlet in the world of manufacturing since it was founded in 1891.

L’Usine Nouvelle has been the leading media outlet covering the world of manufacturing since it was founded in 1891. Today L’Usine Nouvelle, with its editorial staff of nearly 40 people and over 3 million visits a month to its website, is the leading daily newspaper for manufacturing on the web. It is also a premium magazine read by nearly 400,000 people every month.


L’Usine Nouvelle offers an unrivalled range of services to respond to this certainty: tomorrow is being made today.


The green transition, decarbonization, reindustrialization, new forms of mobility, innovation, and skills research are the obsessions of L’Usine Nouvelle. In all, more than 20 sectors (defence, aeronautics, automotive, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, energy, agri-food, raw materials, etc.) are covered every day in France and around the world. L’Usine Nouvelle is a global media outlet that also offers around ten events a year to provide in-depth coverage of the latest developments in the world of manufacturing.

Power - Influence - Affinity - Exclusivity

L’Usine Nouvelle is the leading B2B professional news magazine, providing a working tool and decision-making support in economic, technological and decision-making areas (organisation, management, CSR, purchasing).

  • Advertising: 46,543 copies are distributed per issue and 550,000 executives, top managers and directors consult L’Usine Nouvelle every month.
  • Studies, editorial or ad-hoc, to highlight your expertise on a particular theme and market.
  • Content: editorial expertise combined with our digital, data and research know-how

An influential audience of decision-makers

  • Website: 3.3 million visits and 5.4 million page views per month (* OJD March 2021)
  • La Quotidienne” and themed newsletters: over 150,000 subscribers to our 13 themed newsletters
  • Social networks: audience extension by selecting an available audience + retargeting to retarget visitors to our sites on social networks

Events for a bigger audience and greater visibility

  • 2,500 participants at our events in 2021
  • more than 5,500 participants in our webinars in 2021

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"Territoires & Industrie": La Gazette and L'Usine Nouvelle join forces for the 2023 edition

The editorial teams of la Gazette des Communes and L’Usine Nouvelle are joining forces for the 2023 edition of the “Territoires & Industrie” days. Focus on the event!

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L'Usine Nouvelle mobilized for Global Industrie 2023

Global Industrie, the essential industry event in France, took place from March 7th to 10th at Eurexpo Lyon, and was the subject of special coverage by L’Usine Nouvelle. Teaser!

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Sales Enablement, the ally of salespeople facing the B2B super-buyer.

Sales Enablement is designated as “priority #1” by the study signed Gatepoint for Aventi. Why? Let’s break it down…

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L’Usine Nouvelle is gearing up for the Paris Air Show 2023

After a four-year absence, the International Paris Air Show will be holding its 54th edition from 19 to 25 June 2023. L’Usine Nouvelle is mobilising its teams to bring you exceptional coverage of this event, which is eagerly awaited by professionals and the general public alike.

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Video, the undisputed pillar of the (new) B2B buying journey

Millennials now account for 75% of B2B purchasing decisions. Digital-savvy, they demand a playful and sometimes entertaining experience, making video one of the most effective conversion formats.

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Les Assises de l'Industrie: for France to regain its manufacturing sovereignty

Every year, L’Usine Nouvelle organises a new edition of Les Assises de l’Industrie, an event that supports the reindustrialisation of France.

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L'Usine Nouvelle organises the 2023 Women in Manufacturing Awards

L’Usine Nouvelle is reiterating its commitment to parity in the manufacturing sector and is organising the 2023 edition of the Women in Industry Awards.

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