Distribution decision-makers

Because they ensure the availability of consumer goods to end customers, decision-makers in distribution play a crucial role in the economy. Beyond the inherent challenges of their activity, such as inventory and supply chain management, they must now address more strategic issues such as digital transformation, reshoring, and sustainable development... all while keeping a pragmatic view of imperatives in the context of inflation and shortages.


The specificities of the audience of decision-makers in distribution

At the crossroads of supply and demand, decision-makers in distribution play a decisive role in meeting consumer expectations while considering operational, logistical, and even conjunctural constraints

decision makers consult LSA
decision makers consult LSA
distributors consult LSA
distributors consult LSA
LSA ref. for 9 / 10 pro.
LSA ref. for 9 / 10 pro.

The advertisers who want to address decision-makers in distribution must contextualize their communication with the following challenges:

  • Digital transformation: Distribution decision-makers must integrate new technologies to optimize their processes, reduce costs, improve the customer experience, and respond to increased competition from online commerce. This involves the development of efficient e-commerce platforms, the multiplication of links between e-commerce and physical stores (phygital), the adoption of secure payment solutions, and the implementation of real-time inventory management tools ;
  • Reshoring and short circuits: Distributors are increasingly encouraged to prioritize local products and short circuits to reduce their carbon footprint and meet the expectations of consumers concerned about the origin of their products. They must work closely with local producers, adapt their logistics, and implement responsible procurement policies ;
  • Sustainable development: Distribution decision-makers must integrate sustainable development principles into their strategies by reducing the environmental impact of their activities and offering eco-responsible products. They are also expected to reduce plastic packaging, promote recycling, and combat food waste ;
  • Inflationary context and shortages: Faced with rising costs of raw materials and products, distributors must adjust their prices and margins while preserving their competitiveness. They must also anticipate and manage shortages to ensure product availability on shelves and maintain customer satisfaction. Measures such as inflation shields, partnerships with local suppliers, and supply chain optimization provide relevant answers to this issue.



Address and engage the audience of distribution decision-makers Infopro Digital


More than ever, distribution players need to rationalize their decisions in the light of reliable, useful, and structured information. This is why they trust brands from the Infopro Digital group such as LSA, Néo Restauration, and La Revue du Jouet. Massively read by a captive and engaged audience, these brands are available to advertisers who want to promote their value proposition, strengthen their brand awareness and image, and reveal their commitments.

targeting Distribution professions

  • 89% of LSA readers are decision-makers in product referencing/replenishment,
  • 70% of Néo-restauration readers cite the brand as the benchmark for innovations and trends in the on-trade sector,
  • 65% of Néo-restauration readers consider that advertising helps to identify new suppliers and innovations,
  • 78% of La Revue du Jouet readers believe that La Revue du Jouet provides them with information they cannot find elsewhere.
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