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General services departments are no longer content to work on a day-to-day basis "to keep the business running". At the crossroads of the new challenges of Human Resources, digital transformation and CSR, their action is evolving towards Facility Management in the broadest sense, taking on numerous but exciting challenges. To capture this strategic audience for your business, Infopro Digital provides you with strong media brands that are massively read by General Services professionals.


A captive, finely-targeted audience

How can we make working conditions optimal, both in the workplace and remotely? How can we give demanding employees the feeling that they have the very best to work with?

These are the challenges facing general services over the next few years. Challenges at the crossroads of new HR issues, digital technology and CSR… which is to say that the issues are numerous but fascinating!

To help you make sense of this plethora of new approaches and new tools, our editorial teams cover all these issues from a bird’s eye view, but also with a finger on the ground.

purchasing DM readers
purchasing DM readers
executive& managerial audience
executive& managerial audience

The specific characteristics of the General Services audience

From a relatively discreet function with a vague scope, General Services has gradually taken on a strategic dimension, in line with the emergence of decisive issues for the company: well-being at work, employer brand, talent shortage, sustainable development, new ways of working, etc.

This audience, which performs a “very cross-functional” support function, plays a pivotal role and gives concrete form, on the ground, to the strategic challenges of digital transformation, HR and CSR. Actively involved in implementing internal policies, improving processes and managing relations with third parties, General Services must also tackle the thorny issue of compliance.

In this context, it is essential for advertisers to understand the priorities and concerns of this audience. To address General Services effectively, for example, advertisers need to adopt a global, holistic approach that takes account of the multiple issues facing these professionals. It is also important to emphasise the added value, tangible benefits and ‘integrated’ nature of the solutions on offer, particularly in terms of efficiency, flexibility, sustainability and innovation.

This operationally focused audience expects concrete, ultra-practical content such as guides and comparisons. Finally, advertisers need to create opportunities for exchange and dialogue through interactive events that enable General Services managers to talk to their peers and share their experiences.


The new challenges facing General Services


To promote your value proposition effectively, your communication campaign aimed at General Services needs to be contextualised in light of the new challenges facing General Services:

  1. Managing teleworking and hybrid workspaces;
  2. Environmental responsibility: General Services are increasingly called upon to implement initiatives aimed at reducing the company’s ecological footprint, particularly in terms of waste management, energy efficiency and the choice of sustainable materials;
  3. Employee and data security, a growing concern for general services, who must ensure that premises, infrastructures and processes comply with current security standards and regulations;
  4. Well-being at work and employee satisfaction, in a context marked by an alarming rise in musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs), burnout and mental ill-being at work;
  5. Cost management and value for money: in an uncertain economic climate, general services departments must continually find ways to optimise costs and streamline processes to improve operational efficiency;
  6. Digital transformation: in an uncertain economic climate, facilities departments must continually find ways to optimise costs and streamline processes to improve operational efficiency;
  7. Digital transformation: facilities departments must adapt to new technologies and integrate digital solutions to improve the management of space, assets and processes;
  8. Talent management: in a context of shortage (and war) for talent, general services are actively working on the company’s employer brand.



Address the General Services audience with Infopro Digital


General Services departments need to take a step back and look at the future while facing up to the reality on the ground. This is why our editorial teams deploy exceptional editorial resources throughout the year, to support Facility Management professionals and equip them to carry out their duties.

Speaking to media such as L’Usine Nouvelle, Auto Infos, La Gazette des Communes and Le Moniteur des Travaux publics et du Bâtiment means addressing and engaging the General Services audience with unprecedented precision, and benefiting from the backing and credibility of strong, recognised media brands.

targeting General services

Brands targeting General Services

Gazette des Communes
La Gazette des communes
Usine Nouvelle
L’Usine Nouvelle
Le Moniteur Batiment Travaux Publics
Le Moniteur des travaux publics et du bâtiment
Argus Assurance InfoPro Media Digital Courtage garantie
L’Argus de l’assurance
Auto Info Automobile Véhicule Citadine SUV pneumatique
Auto Infos

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