In a turbulent macro-environment, marked by the acceleration of digital transformation, the strengthening of legal provisions and changes in working practices, cybersecurity issues are at the top of the agenda for businesses and public authorities. That's why Infopro Digital's leading media brands have made cybersecurity a major 'Trending Topic' in their newsrooms.

Cybersecurity: challenges exacerbated by a turbulent macro environment.

Digital transformation, and with it the massive adoption of the Cloud, has strengthened and densified the interconnections between the information systems of businesses and local authorities on the one hand, and their ecosystem of third parties on the other, with one important corollary: the multiplication of vulnerabilities.

Rebound attacks regularly make the headlines. Cybercriminals exploit the weaknesses of less protected third parties (who are less mature about the challenges of IT security) to attack large companies, bancassurance players and public authorities that store ‘marketable’ data. The consequences are legal, financial and reputational.

While the issue of cybersecurity was already crucial before the health crisis, the COVID-19 pandemic has undeniably exacerbated the risks and multiplied exposure for a number of reasons:

The Infopro Digital editorial teams, at the heart of cybersecurity issues

Cybersecurity is one of the key ‘Trending Topics’ for our media brands. Our teams mobilise exceptional editorial resources throughout the year to raise awareness and inform and support businesses and public authorities about the challenges of cybersecurity.

The programme includes columns, in-depth analyses, studies, reports, coverage of industry events, interviews with experts and a rigorous technology watch to bring decision-makers up to speed and equip them with the tools they need. Speak out in l’Usine Digitale, l’Argus de l’Assurance, Industrie & Technologies, le Courrier des Maires or la Gazette des Communes to give your brand a voice, make your expertise heard and promote your value proposition to a B2B audience that is highly targeted, committed, intentional and aware of the challenges of cybersecurity.

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