Large enterprises

In France, 300 large companies alone employ more than four million people. Due to their scale, economic impact, and business potential, the audience of large enterprises is crucial for B2B decision-makers who need to position themselves as partners capable of meeting specific requirements in terms of innovation, compliance, and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility).


The flagship of the national economy that shines France internationally

To reach this decisive audience, Infopro Digital Media gives advertisers access to 35 leading media brands, covering 6 key sectors of the French economy.

affinité Grandes entreprises
affinité Grandes entreprises
lecteurs titres Infopro Média
lecteurs titres Infopro Média

Large Enterprise, Pride of the National Economy


If you are planning to address and engage the target audience of large enterprises, several characteristics need to be considered :

  1. Size and Organizational Complexity: Large enterprises have complex, multi-level organizational structures, leading to slower decision-making processes and more challenging coordination between different departments and units ;
  2. Risk Management and Compliance: Large enterprises face stricter compliance and risk management requirements, especially in terms of regulations, corporate governance, data protection, and cybersecurity ;
  3. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): Large enterprises are under increasing pressure to integrate social and environmental objectives into their strategy and management. They seek B2B partners who can help develop and implement effective CSR initiatives while preserving competitiveness ;
  4. Innovation Needs: Large enterprises invest heavily in innovation to stay competitive and maintain market leadership. They are looking for B2B solutions that foster innovation, collaboration, and digital transformation ;
  5. Global Supply Chain: Large enterprises manage complex global supply chains and need B2B partners capable of meeting their requirements for quality, cost, and delivery while adhering to environmental and social standards.



Challenges Faced by Large Enterprises


Multinationals navigate through the challenges of digital transformation, regulatory compliance, increased competition, CSR, and geopolitical risks. The challenges are numerous and multidimensional :

  • Regulatory Complexity and Compliance: Large enterprises must navigate a complex and constantly evolving regulatory environment, ensuring compliance on a national and international scale, especially in areas such as data protection, anti-corruption, and environmental protection ;
  • Digital Transformation at Scale: Large groups must lead large-scale digital transformations, integrating and deploying emerging technologies and adapting their processes while managing resistance to change within their organization ;
  • Geopolitical Risks: Due to their global presence and extended supply chains, large enterprises are exposed to geopolitical risks that can directly affect their operations and profitability (conflicts, trade tensions, political changes) ;
  • CSR Issues: Large enterprises must meet the growing expectations of stakeholders regarding social and environmental responsibility by implementing sustainable development strategies and managing risks related to climate change, human rights, and corporate governance ;
  • Global Competitive Intensity: Large enterprises face increased competition and pressure to innovate and adapt quickly to the emergence of new disruptive actors and business models.



Target and Engage Large Enterprises with Infopro Digital Media


With 35 media brands covering six key sectors of the French economy, Infopro Digital Group has an unprecedented impact on decision-makers and experts in these large enterprises.

We leverage the credibility of our leading media, the expertise of our specialized journalists, exceptional editorial strategies, and our digital marketing knowledge to help you target and engage this strategic audience for your business.


targeting Large enterprises

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