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The health crisis didn't initiate the digital transformation, but it significantly accelerated it! When you add the exponential growth of cyberattacks, the skyrocketing amount of sensitive data to be stored, the tightening regulations in cybersecurity, and the frantic race for technological innovation, it's easy to understand the crucial role that IT leaders play in enhancing the overall performance of their companies.


The specificities of the audience of buyers in IT equipment and services

Buyers of IT equipment and services represent a heterogeneous and particularly demanding audience. This profession has gradually emerged from the shadows in the wake of digital transformation… a transformation that has undeniably accelerated after the pandemic.

In a technologically vibrant landscape and a particularly turbulent regulatory macroenvironment, these professionals must make strategic decisions and invest wisely to support the growth of their companies. Their challenge is further exacerbated by an uncertain economic situation that requires them to secure their decisions.

IT hardware DM
IT hardware DM
Qualified contacts
Qualified contacts
Software/ERP readers
Software/ERP readers

When speaking to buyers of IT equipment and services, you need to take into account the specific characteristics of this profession:

  1. In-depth technical expertise: use precise, expert language to demonstrate your understanding of the technical issues and win the trust of this demanding audience;
  2. Knowledge of specific standards and protocols: mention the standards and protocols that your solutions respect or support to reassure IT managers that your products and services are compatible and can be integrated into their existing infrastructure;
  3. Anticipation of future needs: present case studies, customer testimonials or development scenarios to illustrate how your solutions can adapt to the company’s future needs. Highlight their modularity and flexibility to show that you understand and anticipate long-term challenges;
  4. Risk management and business continuity: highlight the security, reliability and resilience features of your solutions. Explain how they contribute to risk management and business continuity for the company;
  5. Interdisciplinary collaboration: demonstrate that your solutions facilitate collaboration between different departments within the company and promote better communication between teams. Present concrete examples of successful interactions between departments thanks to your products and services ;
  6. Consideration of environmental and ethical issues: communicate the efforts you are making to offer sustainable and eco-responsible solutions. Explain how you manage to reconcile performance, cost and environmental and ethical responsibility.



Target IT managers with Infopro Digital


Our journalists use a range of exceptional editorial tools, including surveys, reports, interviews, studies and a rigorous technology watch, to help IT managers with their transformation, and not just on the technical side.

Speaking to media such as L’Usine Digitale, L’Usine Nouvelle and Industrie et Technologies means addressing and engaging the audience of IT managers with surgical precision. It also means capitalising on the credibility and legitimacy of these strong brands, which are widely read by buyers of IT equipment and services.

targeting IT Managers

Brands targeting IT managers

l'Usine Digitale Marketing Numérique
L’Usine Digitale
Industrie Technologie Marketing Equipe Usine Industriel Achat Fabrication IT Digital Informatique
Industrie & technologies
Usine Nouvelle
L’Usine Nouvelle

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