Automotive fleet managers

With the goal of carbon neutrality by 2050 and the ban on new cars with internal combustion engines in the EU from 2035, fleet managers are experiencing a real upheaval in their professions. Infopro Digital mobilizes its sector-specific media brands such as Auto Infos and L’Automobile et l’Entreprise to inform, equip, and support them in this transition and, more broadly, decipher this particular sector that is the automotive industry.


The target audience of decision-makers for professional vehicle fleets.

After lengthy negotiations between the member states, the EU has decided to phase out the use of internal combustion engines in new cars by 2035, marking a major turning point in the history of the automotive manufacturing industry and, by extension, an unprecedented upheaval in the car fleet management profession.

Your communication aimed at this audience will necessarily have to incorporate this issue, but not only…

Professionals in Fleet Mgt
Professionals in Fleet Mgt
Auto fleet readers
Auto fleet readers

Car fleet managers face a number of challenges


  • Faced with a not-so-distant deadline, fleet managers must now consider the renewal of their vehicle fleet with a gradual but clear transition to electromobility and electric or hybrid vehicles, taking into account charging infrastructure, acquisition and operating costs, and constraints related to autonomy, among others ;
  • Environmental responsibility: Fleet management is a crucial lever for companies’ CSR policies;
  • Cost management in a particularly turbulent environment, marked notably by soaring energy prices ;
  • Technological watch: Fleet managers must keep up with new fleet management technologies, powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to optimize workflows, reduce costs, and lower carbon footprint;
  • Regulatory watch: Fleet managers operate in a particularly dynamic sector in terms of regulations, especially in terms of environmental standards, safety requirements, and taxation. Our media brands provide them with relevant, reliable, and actionable information;
  • Mobility management: They must anticipate and adapt to changes in the mobility needs of their company and employees by integrating solutions for multimodal transport, carpooling, or short-term vehicle rental.



Address the audience of fleet managers with Infopro Digital


To support fleet managers in their decision-making, Infopro Digital mobilizes its specialized journalists and gives a voice to experts through exceptional editorial initiatives, whether on its sector-specific brands such as Auto Infos and L’Automobile et l’Entreprise or its cross-sector brands like L’Usine Nouvelle and L’Usine Digitale. On the agenda: interviews, sector studies, columns, news briefs, analyses, event coverage, etc.

Do you want to speak to the audience of fleet managers? We offer powerful and tailored media initiatives, benefiting from the endorsement of our leading media brands to demonstrate your expertise, promote your value proposition, work on your notoriety and brand image, or reveal your commitments.

targeting Automotive fleet managers

Brands targeting fleet managers

Auto Info Automobile Véhicule Citadine SUV pneumatique
Auto Infos
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L’Automobile et l’Entreprise

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