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Digital transformation, the emergence of 'super-buyer' (B2B) and 'consumer-actor' (B2C) personas that value CSR commitment, the hegemony of the inbound model, the latent ineffectiveness of cold, impersonal prospecting approaches, the complexity of B2B offers, the weight of the customer experience in sales performance, employer branding... the marketing and communications landscape has undergone several revolutions in the 2010 decade. Infopro Digital mobilises its media brands and premium editorial services to serve advertisers who wish to address and engage this strategic audience.


The specificities of the Marketing and Communication departments audience

Although it has been criticised for being somewhat disconnected from ‘real’ performance indicators and for its tendency to evaluate itself using vanity metrics, the Marketing and Communications Department is now fully and directly involved in the company’s commercial performance, while also contributing to the CSR effort and driving the organisation’s digital transformation.

lecteurs décisions achat mkg
lecteurs décisions achat mkg
indice affinité décision achat
indice affinité décision achat

It is a fact: we no longer do marketing as before, and we no longer do communication just for the sake of it, without worrying about return on investment and real contribution to booking. Advertisers who want to target and engage the audience of Marketing and Communication Departments must tailor their message to the numerous challenges of this target :


  • Adaptation to new technologies: MarTech is evolving rapidly, and teams must quickly master and implement innovative tools such as AI, marketing automation, and data analysis to improve the relevance of their campaigns and increase efficiency ;
  • Performance measurement: Marketing and Communication Departments are under pressure and must identify KPIs that reflect the real impact of their actions on the company’s objectives, including financial and non-financial metrics, as well as customer engagement and satisfaction indicators ;
  • Omnichannel customer experience: Teams must design integrated and coherent customer journeys, based on a deep understanding of the target audience’s expectations and behaviours across different touchpoints and communication channels ;
  • Alignment: Marketing and Communication Departments must foster a culture of collaboration and exchange with other departments, especially sales, to align objectives and define common strategies ;
  • Attribution and budget optimization: Marketing and Communication Departments must speak the language of the CFO and implement advanced attribution methods to identify the most effective channels and tactics in order to unlock budgets and optimize resource allocation ;
  • Regulations and compliance: Marketing teams must ensure compliance with regulations regarding data protection, advertising, and communication, implementing internal procedures to guarantee compliance and minimize legal and financial risks, especially in a context where the CNIL is becoming increasingly “proactive” on GDPR violations.



Address Marketing and Communication Departments with Infopro Digital


With 35 leading media brands covering 6 key sectors of the French economy, Infopro Digital supports and equips advertisers who want to address and engage the strategic target audience of Marketing and Communication Departments through powerful, data-driven advertising solutions tailored to their objectives of brand awareness, lead generation, influence, employer branding, and CSR.

targeting Marketing & Communication departments

Brands targeting Marketing & Communication departments

Usine Nouvelle
L’Usine Nouvelle
lsa commerce consommation
Le Moniteur Batiment Travaux Publics
Le Moniteur des travaux publics et du bâtiment
Gazette des Communes
La Gazette des communes
l'Usine Digitale Marketing Numérique
L’Usine Digitale
Argus Assurance InfoPro Media Digital Courtage garantie
L’Argus de l’assurance

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Digital marketing


Our digital experts will drive your campaigns to meet the challenges of raising awareness and identifying leads. Their mission: to optimise the results of your campaign with our unique B2B audience.

Lead generation


Thanks to email marketing, you reach qualified B2B leads directly in their inbox! We offer you 4 million intentional contacts to enter new markets and recruit your future clients…

Digital marketing

Special operations

Let’s work together to devise the cross-channel solution that’s right for you. Our teams of experts, combined with our brands, will help you achieve your objectives in terms of brand awareness, expertise and business acceleration.

Digital marketing

Digital conferences

This is THE essential communication tool for positioning your company as an expert in your sector and engaging in dialogue with prospects who are actively seeking information on your key issues.

Digital marketing

Social media

Boost your campaigns with turnkey Social Media solutions to reach your core B2B target audience. Whether your objectives are awareness, traffic or conversion, our solutions are tailored to your needs.

Brand content

Brand content

Never has it been more necessary to offer your audiences high-value content. In the age of information overload, we accompany you in providing content in various formats that is relevant and distinctive.



The print format has not said its last word! Quite the opposite, in fact.

Our solutions – inserts, adverts, special operations, etc. – allow you to stand out from the crowd by associating yourself with the endorsement of our brands.

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Our teams are at your disposal to work with you in shaping the best B2B marketing strategies.

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