Resilient City

After the Smart City, here comes the resilient city, where ecological challenges are now combined with technological issues to imagine the future of our cities. Our editorial teams take up this crucial issue to inform and equip stakeholders, from local elected representatives to B2B decision-makers, urban planners, engineers, architects and environmental experts.

The resilient city: a virtuous outcome of a holistic and integrated approach.

Urban resilience is without doubt the eloquent synthesis of the challenges of the 21st century. A multi-dimensional concept at the crossroads of the major concerns of our time, the “resilient city” refers to a city’s ability to adapt and respond effectively and innovatively to social, economic, political and environmental frictions, from climate change and food security to access to water, energy and culture.

Following on from the Smart City, the resilient city is the result of a holistic and integrated approach that encompasses all aspects of urban planning and management, taking into account the needs and aspirations of the community as a whole. It is therefore the result of close, proactive and dynamic collaboration between local authorities, civil society organisations, businesses and citizens.

Profile of the Resilient City

The resilient city is emerging as a model for the future of urban areas in the 21st century… a model equipped to meet the major challenges of climate change, population growth, social inequality and pressure on natural resources.

To guarantee sustainable urban development and an optimum quality of life for its inhabitants, the resilient city mobilises a number of assets:

Faced with the saturation of large metropolises, medium-sized towns are at the forefront of urban resilience. Because of their human scale, these towns are more agile and can initiate their transformation more easily than large conurbations. They can take advantage of their local development potential and their proximity to rural areas to promote local food systems, short distribution channels and sustainable development initiatives.

Infopro Digital, at the heart of the resilient city aspiration

The theme of the resilient city is a ‘Trending Topic’ that mobilises our journalists throughout the year. Our leading media brands are deploying exceptional editorial resources to highlight best practices, explore new technologies and innovative solutions in this area, and decipher current and future regulations.

We address a wide range of stakeholders: mayors and local councillors, urban planning professionals, architects, business leaders, urban planners, engineers, researchers, environmental experts, associations and citizens keen to contribute to building resilient cities.

By providing a reliable and expert source of information, we facilitate cooperation and the sharing of knowledge between these different players, thereby encouraging the development of sustainable cities that are adapted to the challenges of the 21st century.

Speak out on this highly interesting topic on our media brands to demonstrate your expertise, share your knowledge, promote your value proposition or communicate your commitments in this area to a targeted, committed and intentional audience.

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