Automotive decision-makers

The automotive industry is undergoing a historic turning point, and decision-makers in this key sector of the French economy are working today to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 and (especially) to prepare for the ban on new internal combustion engine vehicles in the EU from 2035. Leaders and executives from manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, service providers, and fleet managers are thus witnessing an unprecedented paradigm shift in the history of this industry.


The specificities of the automotive decision-makers audience

New business models, increased research and development in electric and hydrogen technologies, training of technical teams, reorientation of production chains and partnerships—the automotive industry is in full swing, and decision-makers are at the forefront of driving change. They must ensure compliance with new environmental regulations, align with the expectations of ‘Consom’Acteurs’ (Consumer-Actors), conduct rigorous technological monitoring, and shape the future of an industry emblematic of the French economy.

car distribution professionals
car distribution professionals
 after-sales professionals
after-sales professionals

Advertisers looking to capture the attention and engage the audience of automotive decision-makers must tailor their communication to the many challenges that shape their daily lives :

  • The deadline for the ban on new internal combustion engine vehicles is not so distant. Automotive decision-makers must, therefore, plan the renewal of their production infrastructure today, with a gradual but decisive transition to electromobility, considering charging infrastructure and addressing issues of autonomy and costs for users (purchase, charging, repair, maintenance) ;
  • Rethink sales, financing, and service approaches related to this new form of mobility ;
  • Integrate connected, autonomous, and intelligent technologies to improve the driving experience, road safety, and fleet management for professionals;
  • Consolidate and develop the human capital of manufacturers by evolving skills to prepare teams for emerging roles in the automotive industry and smoothing the transformation of processes and practices in the years to come ;
  • The ecological transition of the automotive industry will likely require disruptions in the supply chain, with new partnerships, suppliers, and subcontractors ;
  • Anticipate and adapt to new environmental and safety regulations, including emission standards, regulations on batteries, and manufacturers’ liability in accidents involving autonomous vehicles.


Target the audience of automotive decision-makers with Infopro Digital


Investigating this rapidly transforming world to equip industry professionals and guide their decisions is the challenge our editorial teams dedicated to the automotive sector meet every day.

Through exceptional editorial initiatives driven by analyses, sectoral insights, expert interviews, reports, regulatory and technological monitoring, and coverage of key events in the automotive industry, our teams have the attention of decision-makers in the sector who extensively consult media brands such as Auto Infos, L’Automobile et l’Entreprise, Décision Poids Lourds, or Décision Atelier.

Is your value proposition relevant to automotive decision-makers? We provide powerful media and tailor-made solutions to showcase your expertise, promote your offerings, enhance your brand image, and/or highlight your commitments..

for Automotive targets

Auto Infos: The media brand that reaches over 80,000 professionals in the automotive distribution sector per month,

Décision Atelier achieves coverage of 53% of the automotive services universe,

89% of readers consider the magazine Décision PL useful in their professional roles,

more than 90,000 professionals in the automotive after-sales sector per month.

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