Special Operation

To promote your value proposition, boost your visibility, or work on your brand image, you want to deploy an exceptional presence on our media brands for unprecedented impact among a B2B decision-maker audience. Our teams accompany you in the design and execution of a impactful, tailor-made, omnichannel, and data-driven Special Operation (OPS).


Your OPS objectives

Catalyse your overall performance with a state-of-the-art OPS system backed by our media brands. Put us to the test... we LOVE challenges!

Special Operation (OPS), or the art of multichannel impact.

We offer an innovative and ultra-personalized advertising campaign, developed in co-creation for a striking effect to make an impact on your target audience, generate immediate buzz, and strengthen your brand image among B2B decision-makers.

Driven by playful, bold, and original content and a 100% data-driven approach, the Special Operation (OPS) involves impactful actions concentrated over a relatively short period and deployed on a pool of channels rigorously selected based on your target’s behaviour, the specifics of your offer, and your objectives (acquisition, lead generation, visibility, product launch, brand image, employer brand, etc.).

Special Operation (OPS): a powerful lever for performance marketing.

To deploy this form of exceptional presence, we mobilize our experts in the production and dissemination of creative, engaging, and sometimes surprising content on an optimal combination of leading media brands, to a rigorously sorted B2B audience to maximize your ROI.

In addition to promoting your offer, launching a new product or service, or enhancing brand image, this powerful advertising lever can be activated in several configurations:

  1. Positioning yourself as an expert in your sector through exclusive content (articles, interviews, case studies) highlighting your expertise and achievements;
  2. Promoting a webinar or virtual event to attract a qualified audience as part of a lead generation campaign ;
  3. Broadcasting a specific message to a B2B decision-maker audience with sponsored content, created in collaboration with our editorial teams for maximum impact ;
  4. Integrated branding campaign combining multiple advertising formats (display, native advertising, emailing) for a striking effect;
  5. Speaking at a key industry event.

Why entrust us with your Special Operation (OPS)?

By choosing a Special Operation (OPS) on our B2B media brands, you benefit from exclusive advantages to maximize the impact of your marketing actions:

  1. Sector expertise: our B2B media brands cover 6 major sectors of the French economy and provide you with a seal of seriousness, expertise, and relevance to strengthen the credibility of your message;
  2. Access to an ultra-qualified audience: our 35 media brands attract 12 million unique visitors each month with a 56% exclusive audience;
  3. Creativity and innovation: our editorial teams work closely with you to design a unique advertising campaign that breaks away from the beaten path and reflects the identity of your brand;
  4. Monitoring and optimization: thanks to our data-driven approach, we closely monitor the performance of your Special Operation and adjust it in real-time to optimize your ROI;
  5. Cross-channel synergies to maximize the reach and impact of your message.

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