Executives and Managers

The Managers and Executives audience deserves your full attention, as it includes the decision-makers who will sign your future contracts. CEOs, CFOs, HR Directors and Operations Directors hold the decision-making power and define their company's objectives, strategies and major directions... a complex and delicate mission in a turbulent macro-environment. Infopro Digital mobilises its editorial expertise and puts its 35 leading media brands at the service of advertisers wishing to address the strategic target of Executives and Directors.


The target audience of decision-makers who will sign your future contracts

While technical skills have long been valued, they are no longer sufficient. The famous “soft skills” such as agility, stress management, and emotional intelligence are no longer an option but a prerequisite.

In a constantly changing world and faced with increasing demands from employees, leadership is far from being a simple task. However, current challenges can allow executives in tune with the times to reveal their full potential while boosting the activity of their companies.

It is for these leaders that the editorial teams at Infopro Digital investigate and analyze trends every day. To provide them with the necessary material for their reflections and advancements that will give them a competitive edge in their market.

executive & managerial readers
executive & managerial readers
affinity with execs & managers
affinity with execs & managers

Specifics of the Executive and Leadership Audience


Making informed decisions in a dynamic and volatile context, where uncertainty has become the new norm. This is the daily challenge faced by Executives and Leaders. To effectively address this decisive audience, advertisers must focus their communication on several major issues:

  1. Planning growth in an uncertain context: Executives and Leaders must develop sustainable growth strategies while navigating a volatile economic and geopolitical environment. They need to anticipate risks, identify opportunities, and make informed decisions to ensure the longevity of their company. To achieve this, they monitor macroeconomic indicators, conduct in-depth market trend analyses, and work on the agility and adaptability of their company.
  2. Regulatory compliance: Executives and Leaders must ensure that their company complies with increasingly stringent regulations (Sapin II law, NIS 2, DORA, GDPR, duty and obligation of vigilance, etc.). In addition to staying informed about legislative changes, they must develop internal processes to ensure compliance and minimize legal, financial, and reputational risks.
  3. CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) challenges: Executives and Leaders must integrate environmental, social, and governance (ESG) concerns into the overall strategy of their company. They are responsible for implementing robust CSR policies, developing measurable objectives, and monitoring progress, both to strengthen the company’s position as a virtuous actor in the community and to meet the expectations of increasingly socially conscious customers.
  4. New ways of working: Executives and Leaders must rethink management methods, organizational culture, and technological infrastructure to adapt to new modes of work such as remote work and hybrid work.
  5. Talent shortage: Executives and Leaders face the challenge of consolidating and developing the human capital of their company in the context of talent shortages. They must develop innovative approaches to recruitment, invest in continuous training and career development, and work on the employer brand of their organizations.



Address the Executive and Leadership Target with Infopro Digital


These major and both complex and exciting challenges allow executives in tune with their times to reveal their full talent and contribute to the overall performance of their company at large. It is for these leaders that the editorial teams at Infopro Digital are dedicated daily through exceptional editorial strategies disseminated across 35 leading media brands. The objective is to provide them with reliable, relevant, and actionable information to streamline decision-making. Choosing Infopro Digital for your marketing campaign means reaching an engaged readership of over 4.9 million Executives and Leaders.

targeting Executives and Managers

Brands targeting executives and managers

Usine Nouvelle
L’Usine Nouvelle
lsa commerce consommation
Le Moniteur Batiment Travaux Publics
Le Moniteur des travaux publics et du bâtiment
Gazette des Communes
La Gazette des communes
l'Usine Digitale Marketing Numérique
L’Usine Digitale
Argus Assurance InfoPro Media Digital Courtage garantie
L’Argus de l’assurance

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