Liberal professions

With the wave of freelancing, the self-employed are a B2B target with great potential, albeit very disparate. They account for 12% of readers of Infopro Media titles (* Source One next influence - ACPM 2022).


Liberal professions

45% of local businesses, 850,000 self-employed people and 11% of the national added value (* figures from the Ministry of the Economy and Finance), that’s the reality of the self-employed professions in France. Behind these figures lie great disparities: regulated or unregulated professions, health, law or consultancy…

At a time of great resignation, the liberal status attracts and seems to promise more meaning, more freedom and a better life balance. However, the choice of independence also brings its share of challenges for these superheroes, who are faced with a multitude of tasks on their own. Increased deregulation of certain professions, a changing legislative environment, and all this against a backdrop of sluggish economic growth… these are the challenges they face on a daily basis.

That’s why our editorial teams and experts are close to these professionals every day, helping them to anticipate challenges and other constraints so that they can concentrate on what they do best: their core business. It is this closeness to the professions that we at Infopro Digital can offer you.

liberal professionals
liberal professionals
readers of Infopro Media title
readers of Infopro Media title

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AMC Construction Marketing Filiere Btp Batiment Architecture Plan Architecte
Le Moniteur Batiment Travaux Publics
Le Moniteur des travaux publics et du bâtiment
Argus Assurance InfoPro Media Digital Courtage garantie
L’Argus de l’assurance
Gazette des Communes
La Gazette des communes

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